InSite SiteWork Take Off Types

Take-offs from image files (PDF, TIF, etc.), CAD files (DWG, DXF, etc.) or from data imported from a data collector or any combination assure estimates with the most accuracy and speed possible.  An optional digitizer can be connected for take-off from paper plans.

PDF TakeoffImage (PDF, TIF, JPG, etc.) Files.

InSite SiteWork™ Earthwork and Utility Estimating Software now includes image take-off of PDF, TIF, JPG, etc. files.  Image take-off achieves the same results as digitizer based take-off, without the expense of a digitizer in a totally portable environment.

Lightning Speed!  InSite’s Image engine has been optimized for instant pans, roller zooms, and image drags to make your take-off experience faster than ever.

Automatically Trace the image.  Choose Enter Map and the feature you wish to trace.  Tracing a feature highlights the line.  Use the line tracing tool to have InSite follow a line automatically, which makes PDF take-off more accurate than digitizing.  As each line is traced, it is automatically highlighted.  Use the layer menu to control which features are displayed when tracing your image.

One screen for simple jobs and two screens for the big stuff.  The tight zooms required to trace a PDF mean the jobs perspective is lost on large projects.  When you use a paper plan with a digitizer, you always have a full sized image (the paper plan) available for getting plan details, no matter how far zoomed in you are in InSite.


Here is where the two screen function of InSite SiteWork is your friend.  InSite SiteWork’s Paperless Image Take-Off allows two screens to be used, one for the tracing of the PDF, and a separate screen to show the take-off progress.  It can be used in Split screen mode on single monitors, but is ideally suited to an environment where two monitors are used.  For more details call us M-F 8-5 EST at (877)746-7483.

PDF TakeoffCAD Take-Off.

Go from a CAD file to an earthwork take-off in minutes, without owning a CAD program.

InSite SiteWork introduces a dramatically improved CAD import tool called Paperless Take-off.  We’ve taken the headaches out of CAD import.

Import any version of DWG or DXF CAD files with InSite’s easy to use CAD Import wizard.  Save the time of tracing the plan.  And since InSite has no limit on the number of points or job sizes, no project is too big.  Import Existing, Proposed, Stripping, Subgrades and Soil Borings. InSite explodes blocks, stitches exploded polylines back together and allows 3D elevations to be assigned.  No other CAD import tool comes close.

PDF TakeoffDigitizer Take-off

Paper plan take-off is done with an optional digitizer.  A digitizing tablet is a board with a wire mesh grid imbedded into it.  When the 16 Button Cursor is traced over the board, a current is picked up by the boards grid, and the coordinates of the tracing device are passed on to the computer.  When a plan is taped to the board, and a scale is entered, the traced plan is converted to actual measurements, and then InSite computes the area, length and volume calculation on the traced data.  InSite Software Inc. proudly sells GTCO CalComp brand digitizers, but we support many other brands with a 32-bit Wintab Driver and a 16 Button Cursor.

PDF TakeoffImport from Data Collectors

FieldLink™ is included with InSite SiteWork to allow import and export of spot data from GPS and Total Station data collectors. Calculate as-builts, stockpiles, and verify topo quickly and easily.

InSite SiteWork Take Off Types Comparison

Image (PDF, TIF, etc.)

CAD File


Data Collector

Select Lines and Nodes on Vector Files, and trace image files Fastest and most accurate take-off method Paper plan tracing Import data from GPS or Total Stations
Very accurate Use when CAD files are available Much faster than hand take-off Verify topographic data
Use when CAD files are not available Layer import eliminates line tracing Use when CAD or Image files are not available Measure “as-built” quantities
No need to print plans E-mailed or downloaded from plan rooms. Built in CAD viewer does not require separate CAD software 16 button cursor support for best speed and accuracy Import from any brand data collector
Lines are selected (vector) or individually traced (raster)automatically InSite features true CAD import, not CAD “line tracing” Rigid (permanent installation) and Roll-Up (portable) models available  
Very portable- No digitizer! Very portable – No digitizer!    

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