InSite SiteWork Overview

Profit Starts With An Accurate Take-off.  InSite combines ease-of-use with the most powerful site work estimating features.  Accurate take-off is the first step to a profitable job.  Don't settle for lightweight cut and  fill software.

  • Start the take-off.
  • Add existing grades and spot elevations.
  • As grades are entered, 3-D Live updates in real time.
  • Add proposed grades and spot elevations.
  • See changes to 2-D instantly with 3-D Live!
  • Enter soil boring data and locate the borings.
  • Enter striping and demolition.
  • Enter building pads, paving and topsoil replacement areas.
  • See the adjustments immediately with 3-D Live.
  • Drive the job site. Make adjustment in real time.
  • Calculate cut & fill.
  • View the reports.

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InSite SiteWork™ Earthwork and Estimating Software is for anyone calculating earthwork and utility quantities.  It's easy to use, with an intuitive approach, familiar terms site estimators use every day, and easy editing tools for quick revisions.

Power.  InSite's innovative approach makes it the fastest takeoff package for doing both first time takeoffs, and all those revisions that show up at the last minute.

  1. Need to Strip Topsoil? Or remove Unsuitable Material?  Trace the area and indicate the Depth or Strata for Stripping.
  2. Costly Excavation of Different Strata Types?  No problem.  Enter the boring log, and locate the borings.  You'll get the cut quantity itemized by strata.
  3. Differing Fill Requirements?  InSite automatically lists the fill required for each Subgrade footprint (paving areas, buildings, topsoil areas, etc.), plus it tracks manufactured material. (Concrete, Asphalt, etc.)
  4. Topsoil Replacement?  If there is a minimum requirement to re-spread topsoil on the site, just trace the area and InSite figures it, automatically subtracting structural and paved areas.
  5. Trench Excavation?  Terrain-Link Trenches provide accurate excavation and backfill quantities based on changing ditch depths, using either earthwork contours from your site takeoffs or directly from digitized profiles.  No other software has this capability at any price!

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